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Avi Goes to College

Hey Gang, this was posted to the Springman website a few days ago...


Dear Friends,

I have a pretty major Springman Records announcements to make:

Being twenty-two years old, I decided it was time to go back and finish my last two years of college. I'll be starting full time this upcoming fall, and it looks like Kim and Mike will be as well.

This record label will not be folding, but we are taking a break from new signings, and cutting back dramatically on new releases. This is so we can fulfill the commitment we have to our current roster by focusing 100% of our record-label energy on the bands and releases we have, to make sure they continue getting all the attention they deserve and then some.

It actually looks like we will be able to do more for our bands while in school than we are now (thanks to new relationships with distributors, booking agents, publicists, etc, plus all the mistakes we have recently learned from), but knowing that this won’t be my 24/7/365 job as it has been for the past seven years, I don't think it would be ethical to sign new bands right now, at least until I get into the flow of things and know exactly how much time and energy I have to put into them.

We will be releasing some very limited-edition vinyl from some of our favorite bands in the world, more news on that later. And we are working on a Pogues cover record (that won't suck) for next year.

Thank you to everyone for all the support, but this isn't a eulogy, we aren't going anywhere. We have new releases planned, just not very many.

Avi Ehrlich
Label owner, Springman Records

P.S. To any record label owners reading this, here is a tip sheet! If we were signing new bands, our wish list would include (in alphabetical order): Astronautalis, The Brilliant Red Lights, Desa, Full Moon Partisans, Gogol Bordello, Her Space Holiday, Lil Pocket Knife, Lucero, The Rx Bandits, Shinobu, The Teenage Harlots, and Tera Melos.
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